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06/14/11 Posted info about the loss of my heartdog, Chichi.  I miss her so much.


Changed the colour scheme again.  Hope this is better on your eyes.


Added Great Dane Rescue of Ohio, Inc. link to the Rescue page.  Thanks Tuja for the link.


Added a guestbook all on my own!  It's a cgi script, and is wholly on my site, its not being hosted elsewhere.  I got the script from this site (beware, most of it is in Russian) and configured and installed it on my server all by my lonesome.  I am a proud puppy.  Now if I could just get it to look more like the rest of my pages.  Oh well, I can't have everything!
06/22/01 New website!  Now I'm at, woo hoo! <big grin>
01/06/01 I changed my BARF pages.  I did a website as a project for a class, so I worked on my barf pages.   
12/28/00 I added Arizona Golden Retriever Connection url to the Rescue page.  Thank you Kathleen for the url.









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