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2/20/1997 - 6/11/2011

Update:  Chichi was my beautiful girl, and she had to be put down because of kidney failure on Saturday June 11, 2011.  She has left a big hole in my life and I miss her so much.

About Me:

I am a spayed female lab/chow mix and I was born on February 20, 1997.  I have black shiny fur, floppy ears, and a lovely smile.  My tail curls very nicely over my back and I have lovely white teeth (If you come over while Lisa is not here you can see them).  My hair is the texture of a  lab and the length is from my chow heritage.

How Lisa Got Me:

I was previously owned by a couple with two children. Unfortunately they lived in an apartment that had a weight limit of 25 pounds for pets. They brought me to the place where Lisa works to board me until they found a new place to live.  I lived there for 3 months until my former owners (FO) decided that they couldn't move and that they would have to give me up.  Lisa played with me while I was boarded and gave me treats.  I was very fearful of new people because my FO hid me and always told me to be quiet.  I was not socialized.  Lisa took me and then made me go to a place that had a bunch of dogs and their humans.  She called it obedience class, I soon called it fun.  I am now much more outgoing and I don't growl at every new person, the nice ones I will even sniff.

What I Like To Do:

I love going on walks and playing ball.  I don't like to catch but I will chase after it and give it back to my human.  I like to go on walks that are near's fun to wade and play in the water.

What I Like To Eat:

I eat B.A.R.F. (Bones and Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods).  My mom gives me chicken, beef, turkey, and mixed vegetables.  I eat all of my human food raw, and I love crunching on the bones.

My Friends:

My best friend is an Australian shepherd.  I don't see her much anymore because her human is very busy.  My neighbors come over and play with me in my backyard everyday.  Their names are KooKoo Bera (M/N 13 year old wire fox terrier) and Sophie (F/S 3 year old airedale).  I also like to play with Sindbad (chow chow) but I don't see him as often as the others.  If you want to meet some of my online friends, you can!  I have their homepages listed Chichi's Friends' Page.


Kookoo Bera is now at Rainbow Bridge (8/00) and will be missed by all of his friends, he was 16 years old.

Sophie is moving to the other side of town (6/01) so I won't see her that often anymore.  Mom say's that Sophie will visit sometimes in the afternoons, but it's not the same as living next door :-(

Thanks for visiting....please come back again....

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