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What is BARF, and why would I want to feed this to my animal? BARF is a acronym that stands for Bones And Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods.

It involves feeding your animal fresh, whole foods that can be found at your local natural food store, or at your grocery store. It basically states that 50-80% of your dogs diet should be raw meaty bones (RMB), and the rest being a combination of vegetables.

There are a few different methods of doing this, and those that want to, should research this thoroughly before just jumping in and doing it.

I believe that BARF is the best way to feed your dog, and the one with the most choices. You don't have to feed a fixed diet, though there are certain foods that need to be fed. This kind of diet can be individually tailored to fit each dog. This way, you know exactly what your dog is eating.

I also believe, because of the variety of foods available, there are less problems when feeding new things. If I decide to add something new to my dogs diet, she is less likely to have any problems digesting the food. Her stools are always compact, and the smell doesn't linger on for days.









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