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When I need to get a couple of supplies, I usually will go to my local stores.  If I need a bunch of stuff, I will order from catalogues.  I don't like to pay a higher price, when I know I can find the exact same thing for less.  A couple of things you need to think of are:
    How much do you need to buy
    How long does it take for you to get your order
    How much is shipping and handling
Once you answer these questions, you can figure out which is the best option, going to a local store, or buying from a catalogue.

That said, here are the links ....(let me know if I missed any good ones)

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Money Back for Shopping Online.

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General Supplies
Shop J and B Wholesale* They are not as cheap as some of the other online pet supply places, but they are cheaper on some, and they have some supplies that I can't get anywhere else.

This link takes you to the "Macho Stix" page.  The link above takes you to the homepage.

I shop here for treats.  They sell the best "Macho Stix" here, my dog absolutely loves them and they last much longer than rawhide.  They also have other supplies such as toys, books, clothing, and more.
UPCO* Good place to go if you need some big ticket item, such as crates, as there is no shipping charges for orders over $60.00.
K. V. Vet Supply* Good general pet supply place.  Oversize items do require shipping charges, but normally orders over $40.00 ship free.
RC Steele* I bought Cheech's bed here.  Nice bed with extra covers at a reasonable price.  Many groomer's purchase items here.
That Pet Place* I don't use them for general pet supplies as their prices are a little higher, and they don't have as much variety.  I do use them for fish supplies.  They have a wide range of fish supplies, and are much cheaper than I can get locally.
Big Al's Online Good place for aquatic supplies.  Much cheaper than I can find locally, and the items always arrive quickly and in good condition.
Mayer's Pet Shop General supplies.
American Pet Supply General supplies, pet medications
Shure Pets "The premier direct selling pet products company"
For Dog Trainers Items for serious dog trainers, including leashes, collars, as well as bite sleeves, bite suits and more.
High Tech Pet HIGH TECH PET - The Most Ingenious Pet Products on the Planet! Featuring Electronic Pet Fences, Automatic Pet Doors, Radio Trainers, Bark Control Collars and many more innovative products for the modern pet.
Contour Living The Contour Cloud Pillow. Memory foam and support in one. 2 for $21.
Smart Cat SmartCat Products SmartCat products are for cat lovers who want the very best for their cats. Their high quality, innovative solutions solve the everyday litter, scratching, and boredom problems facing all cat owners while providing outlets for natural cat behavior. Created by cat behaviorists, the SmartCat line is designed to satisfy the natural instincts of feline companions while meeting the practical and aesthetic needs of cat owners.

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Canine Cooler My dog and cat love this bed in the summer.  Keeps them cool and comfortable.
Animal Comforts* I bought two beds here, and they are great.  They are both foam base beds, and Cheech and the cats enjoy sleeping on them.

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Leashes and Collars
Quillin Leather & Tack* They deal mainly is horse tack, but they do have some great quality collars and leashes.  Nice to talk to, and they will customize if they can.
Welcome to DogGear* I bought one "leash" here.  A combination belt/leash so that I don't have to hold the leash.  Very handy when doing light hiking in the park.

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B-Naturals HomePage* Good prices on supplements, and very knowledgeable people.  the owner has a Ph.D in animal nutrition and can answer any questions you might have.
US Animal Nutritionals  From their site "U.S. Animal Nutritionals Specializes in Nutritional Supplements designed for your pet. Our products are formulated to meet the exacting standards of today's bovine, canine, equine, and feline owners."
Only Natural Pet Store We offer many hard to find products like organic food and treats, herbal remedies, homeopathy, raw food, flower essences, and natural flea control products. 
The Pampered Pet Mart An array of quality supplies and products for dogs and cats and owners who like to pamper their pets with the very best. Dog & Cat Beds, Grooming Aids, Collars and Leashes, Feeders and Bowls, Crates and Carriers, Drinkwells, Treats, Toys, Health, Travel 

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Amazon* Who doesn't know  I have shopped here a lot, and their service is great.
Dogwise* I have purchased books from them when they have been in town at a local dog show.  They have just about the largest selection of dog related reading.

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Item Recommendations  
WizDog No More Housetraining Nightmare!
Wizdog - Indoor Dog Potty is a revolutionary housetraining system for dogs. Pee pads get shredded or stepped-in after liquid elimination and tracked all over carpet and furniture. Consisting of a durable plastic pan and fitted grate, liquid waste dispenses through the grate onto newspaper or pee pad, separated from your dog's paws. This is the cleanest, simplest and lowest cost solution to dog housetraining. 
Training Get essential dog advice and training tips for an obedient pet here.

(* denotes that I order from them and get good service)

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