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Okay, I thought about this way of feeding, and I am interested. How do I start.....

1. You start by reading.
You can't just decide to start throwing raw bones at your dog and say you are feeding BARF. You must do your own research, and find out what foods you need to feed, and why. You need to understand why you need to add certain supplements, or why not. (See the links page for more info).
2. Once you have read a few methods of natural feeding, you must decide which one to choose, and which one will fit best in your lifestyle.
There are many different methods of feeding a home prepared meal for your pet, and BARF is just one of them, BARF, Schultz, Volhard, and Pitcairn to name a few.
3. If you have decided to go with BARF, you need to start thinking about what you are going to feed, and what your animal will tolerate. What meat will be the mainstay of the diet? What veggies? What supplements? Will you put it together yourself, or will you purchase commercially available BARF?
I like to feed a variety of foods depending on the time of year. The basis of the diet is chicken necks, backs and wings, and turkey necks. The veggie "slop" I make contains some of the following: carrots, broccoli, peas, green beans, mustard greens, collard greens, canned pumpkin, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts just to name a few. I also add whole, raw eggs, organic yogurt, organic apple cider vinegar (not the grocery store kind, the health food kind), cold pressed oil (flax seed, safflower, or olive), kelp/alfalfa, Vit C, and Vit E to the veggies slop when it is ready to eat.

The necks, back, and wings, I get from a local purveyor by the case. Cases usually contain 30-40lbs. I separate the case into individual servings, and just keep it in the fridge. A case will usually last me about a month, and the cost varies, depending on what it is.

The veggies I usually get from the local grocery store.
4. Another question many newbies ask is: "Where do you all feed your pets?  Where in the heck am I going to feed the RMB's? I don't want that stuff on the floor, and my animal will not leave it in the bowl.
Many feed outside, or in the kitchen. I feed the dog in the room I spend most time in, the study, and I feed my cats in the kitchen. I have my dogs bowl raised, and a cheap throw rug right by there. She eats her veggies from the bowl, and she takes her bones out of the bowl and eats it on her rug. She eats all of her food, treats, recreational bones on her rug.
5. Gosh, this sounds like it takes a long time to prepare!
Nope. Takes me about 45 minutes every 3-4 weeks to prepare the veggie slop, and about 1 hour every month to separate a case of meat into individual servings.

To prepare the actual meals it takes about 2 minutes. I always have two packages of meat defrosting in the fridge. I just open up the packet, and dump in the bowl. The veggie slop is frozen into 4 or 8 meal portions. I just scoop out a daily portion, add in the supplements, mix, and I'm done.
6. I don't have the space to store all of this food!
I have a regular sized refrigerator. All of the meat and veggies that I have prepared ahead of time can fit in the freezer, and still leave room for me to store my food. It is the same way with the supplements, and the thawing food in the fridge part.

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