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Here are some basic links to some popular cat sites ... I haven't really been collecting them, but I will get more sometime soon.

American Association of Cat Enthusiasts Inc. American Cat Fanciers' Association Canadian Cat Association
Cat Fanciers' Association Cat Fanciers' Federation The International Cat Association, Inc. (TICA)
Traditional Cat Association    
Breeds and Household Pet Clubs  
Abyssinian Cat Club of America (CFA, ACFA, TICA) Happy Household Pet Cat Club International Bengal Cat Society
International Bombay society (CFA) International Sphynx Breeders and Fanciers Association National American Shorthair Club (CFA)
National Birman Fanciers (CFA) The Selkirk Rex Breed Club (CFA) Siamese Internet Cat Club
Tonkinese Breed Association United Silver (Persian) Fanciers (CFA) United Singapura Society (CFA) and Founder's International Singapuras
Individual Websites  
Max & Romeo's Site B&J's Cat World Premier Photographer
Discover unique kitten pictures to enhance the beauty of your home decor.   Plus get free kitten screensavers, and wallpaper. Also makes a Wonderful Gift Idea.
Siau Tsj'oe Siamese    

If you have additional links that should be listed, please let me know and I will put them up.

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