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Okay, I like everyone else, has my own opinion on breeding dogs.  I do not breed dogs, nor do I ever wish to as I do not have enough knowledge in that area.

I have links here about breeding your dog, and the questions that you should ask yourself before you start.

ANNOUNCING THE MIRACLE OF BIRTH VIDEO TAPE A Tribute to Tori - Read before you breed Why Good Dogs Cost So Much
You should visit this page.  You will see why after you've read about the tape. What can happen when you breed.  It could happen to your pet. What do good breeders do to ensure the health and disposition of your new family member?
Canine Health Problems by Breed Health Tests for breeding dogs Issues to discuss before you breed your dog
Self explanatory ... lists health problems that  What sort of health tests should you do before you breed your dog? What things do you need to think about before you breed your dog?
Is Your Dog Breeding Quality? Does your dog have breeding potential? So You Want To Be A Breeder....
It is important to evaluate your dog objectively. Again, things that your dog should show before you breed. Self explanatory.
All About Dogs-Owning, Breeding and Exhibiting -    
Self explanatory.    

Now that you have read some of the info at the pages I have linked to, here is my opinion....

You should breed to better the breed, not because:

  • I want Fluffy to have a litter before she is spayed
  • I want my children to see the miracle of birth
  • I want another Fluffy
  • Fluffy has such a great temperament and I want to pass that on to her pups
  • Fluffy cost so much at the pet store, so I want to make some money off her
  • Fluffy is a mix, but she combines the best of the breeds and I am sure many people would like one just like her.

You should do the minimum before you breed:

  • train your dog to be the best that they can be
  • make sure that your dog measures up to the standards of the breed
  • go to dog shows and talk to some breeders of your breed to find out what sort of health tests you should do
  • do the health testing
  • wait until your dog is old enough to be bred (first heat is not old enough, she should be about 2 years old)
  • prove your dog is all that she should be by showing her at dog shows (obedience, field trials  and/or conformation)
  • earn a title that proves your dog matches up to the best (conformation or working title)

There are also many things you need to get ready for the actual breeding, but I think I will just post links to those since I am not a breeder, and don't have the experience.

If you have some good links that I can put up here, please email me with the URL's.  I will also add more info as I remember it <g>.

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