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Here's a few pictures of Nilent.  It's hard to get good pics of him inside, as he's dark, and doesn't like to pose for me.

nilent.jpg (7430 bytes) nilent1.jpg (123086 bytes) nilent2.jpg (32050 bytes)
Oops, too slow with the camera Mom. Ain't I cute? I'm looking at you ...
nilentout.jpg (47480 bytes) nilnewsp.jpg (67435 bytes) Awww
All right ... outside! I like newspapers, at least to rub against. Stretch.
The light! Me and my best pal Another pic?
The light Ma! Me and my best pal, Chichi. Another pic?  The light again please!
Nilent Awww gonna get it
Yes? Streetch I can make it!
Nilent Nilent Am not
Hiya. I'm cool Am not pudgy!
What are you doing?  Not feeling well  Comfy 
Whatcha doing?  I'm not feeling so well  Just hanging out watching tv, yawn. 

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