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Update:  Nilent went to the Bridge 16 Jan 2012.

Hi everyone, welcome.

April 1997 - January 16, 2012

About Me:

I am a black, male, neutered, born in April of 1997.  I am a domestic shorthaired cat.  My eyes are golden and I am a little pudgy (That's manly, mom.  See if I let you type for me anymore!)

How Lisa Got Me:

My brother and I were brought in to the vet next to where my mom worked.   The people were tired of us (I was only 4 months old) and wanted to get rid of us. Instead of putting me to sleep, what the man wanted to do, the vet let Ma take me and a vet tech take my brother.

What I Like To Do:

PLAY.  I love to play with my big sister, Chichi. We like to tease my mom by laying next to each other, sometimes she can't tell that both of us are there and she thinks that Chichi is looking fat, hee hee hee. I love playing with the little fur mice that my mom buys at the pet store. I also like to hide them under the furniture so she can find them when she sweeps. If I can't find any of the fur mice, a balled up piece of paper will do nicely.

The latest toy is one of those laser pointers.  Ma will shine it on the floor, and make's me run around the house.  Whew, tiring, but lot's of fun!

What I Eat:

I eat Nutro Max and Precise Plus cat food. I don't like this people food very much but I do like it when my mom gets scones and shortbread cookies.  I also like some of Chichi's treats.

Thanks for visiting....please come back again, pretty please...

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