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Here are some good, and not so good pictures of Cheech.  I need to get some more decent one's, but of course, when I see a great shot, the camera is not in my hand.  Some of the pictures have dates, some don't.  These are not in chronological order.  Click the pics to enlarge them.

away.jpg (21723 bytes) ch_face.jpg (41707 bytes) che1.jpg (56233 bytes) Christmas 
Squirrel sighting in the yard! Caught her looking out the front door with the sun in her face.  You will see this pic often, as it is my favorite. Just standing around in the back yard. Gotta new toy Xmas 2006 
CHchase.jpg (17584 bytes) che3.jpg (66496 bytes) che2.jpg (43292 bytes) Christmas 
Just chased a squirrel up a tree. Another front door pic, but not as good She's in the back yard, with a stick in her mouth. Xmas 2006  
So many choices Ah Hi Bathtime
So many choices, which one? Ah, relaxing at work. Yes? Bathtime at previous job
Bed Getting groomed Butt trim working
What do you think I do when your not home? Getting groomed at previous job Getting groomed at previous job At work at previous job
che4.jpg (69324 bytes) chifood1.jpg (73785 bytes) che5.jpg (77757 bytes) Xmas 2006  
Hi! I'm hungry, feed me! Someone's coming .... Xmas 2006 with her cousin 
chechew.jpg (19105 bytes) chichi.jpg (6309 bytes) CHpoo.jpg (14037 bytes) Xmas 2006  
Yum yum, I like to chew on sticks.   Sheesh Ma, another picture? Leave me be!  I'm looking for a place to, well, you know. Xmas 2006 with her crown 
side.jpg (17168 bytes) cheech.jpg (36828 bytes) cheface.jpg (26307 bytes) Xmas 2008 
Hi neighbor's, coming in to play? 11/5/2001 - day after ACL surgery - body shot 11/5/2001 - day after ACL surgery - face shot Xmas 2008 
cheleg.jpg (36035 bytes) cheech_bath.jpg (31994 bytes) f_cheech.jpg (42804 bytes) Xmas 2008 
11/5/2001 - day after ACL surgery - leg shot March '04 - in the tub at work March '04 - on the table getting finished Xmas 2008 Sniffing around outside 

f_cheech2.jpg (46684 bytes)

cheech_work.jpg (84234 bytes)

cheech_work2.jpg (81096 bytes)

 Chichi with her ball
March '04 - another angle March '04 - this is her spot when she's at work March '04 - another view  Chichi in the back yard with her ball 2000
Chichi at Mutt Strut  Cooling off Chichi and Nilent  Chichi with her friend
Chichi resting during the Mutt Strut at Indianapolis Speedway 2007  Cooling off at Mutt Strut 2007 Chichi and her friend Nilent 2007  Chichi and her friend Nilent 2007
    Catching some shade  Chichi and her friend 
 Cooling off with a buddy 2007  Her buddy doesn't want to leave 2007 Catching some shade 2007   Chichi and her friend Nilent 2007
 Chichi on her bed  Chichi  Waiting for friends Taking a break at the Mutt Strut 
 Enough pics Ma! 2007  Chichi getting ready to chew a treat 2007  Waiting for friends 2007  Taking a break for a moment 2007
 Walking along  2007  2007  With friends
 Walking along at the Mutt Strut 2007 We made it to the finish line! 2007  We finished! 2007  Taking pics with friends at the Mutt Strut finish line 2007
Cooling off 2008  2008 at work 2009 Hematoma Chichi resting  
 Cooling off at the Mutt Strut 2008 At work 2008   Jan 2009, had a hematoma on her ear and had to have it wrapped  Chichi resting at Christmas 2010
Whatcha got?   Who's there?  
Whatcha got for me masked man?   Who's there?  

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